Janus Analytics

Janus Analytics

Janus Analytics provides bespoke customer analytics solutions that transform your business and relationships with your customers. Marketers know the advantages but often struggle to apply the theory in practice and full leverage the value of the research. After more than a decade’s experience in segmentation and predictive modelling research, we identified an unmet client need for a holistic analytics solution. This is about developing practical systems that operate end-to-end.

We offer solutions to a range of businesses, across multiple industries, and at different stages of analytics sophistication. It allows companies in a period of company-wide change to develop analytics with a low initial commitment that drive operational efficiencies. We strive to bring analytics across broad business functions to enable data-driven proactive conversations and empirically backed decisions. We want clients to move past all of the hype in the industry and enact real change within their organization to provide truly valuable customer experiences.

Our Specialties

  • Analytics strategy
  • Primary Research
  • Data analysis and enhancement
  • Psychographic segmentation
  • Predictive analytics
  • Prescriptive analytics and next best action
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Analytics integration
  • Automated marketing
  • Decision making tools

Contact Info:

Website: http://www.janusanalytics.com.au