27 - 28 March, 2019 | Sydney, Australia

Jeremy Bean

Associate Director, Performance Audit
Office of the Director General WA

4:30 PM Champagne Solutions Clinic: How you are Identifying and Implementing Future/ Emerging Technologies to Drive Innovation within Your Organisation

35% of C-level Australian executives are investing in digital innovation as part of their overall business strategy. Identifying emerging technology in an age of digital innovation is imperative to businesses if they want to stay ahead of digital disruption. This expert panel discussion features 4 top brands that are at the forefront of utilising emerging technologies to enhance their digital strategies and remain competitive in the digital landscape.

*Bonus Question Answered: What are the “out-there” thinkers thinking?

This panel will discuss:

  • Developing a business and technology vision
  • Simplifying and driving agility
  • Formalising innovation
  • Driving business innovation through technology innovation
  • Implementing emerging technology into your business model

4:20 PM Resisting the future - lessons in disruption from the WA public sector

This session looks at the many forms resistance takes - to disruption, innovation and long held beliefs about creativity - and what WA government agencies have done in trying to overcome it. Drawing on his experience auditing the performance of government agencies and a diverse background in creative industries and academia, Jeremy will consider questions such as where have they succeeded, where have they failed, and how much does it matter and to whom?

5:00 PM Ask the Experts Session

This session will be your chance to hear our expert 4 speaker’s responses to some of the most pressing challenges in the digital disruptive and innovation era. Come with your notepads ready, as these featured speakers explain their top practical strategies for dealing with the following issues.

The following questions will be asked to the 4 speakers:

  1. How can we Integrate Risk Management to Successfully Adjust your Processes, Data, IT, and Analytics?
  2. What are the Roles that are Emerging in the Digital Disruption Era?
  3. What In your Opinion is Emerging on a Scale that has the Potential to Disrupt Everyone?
  4. How Can We Create Medium to Long Term Roadmaps for our Business models?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Jeremy.

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