Sarah Forsterling

Head of Client Strategy AUS & NZ

9:10 AM Keynote: How Are Large Organisations Disrupting Themselves? How to Implement Agile Design Thinking Technology without Starting From Scratch

We can’t all be Uber, Air B & B, Spotify or Instagram. 85% of Companies cannot simply start their innovating from scratch. With the new innovators in the market place having the ability to avoid legacy systems, this makes staying ahead of digital disruption even more difficult for Government, Banks, Universities and Resources Industries. How can your organisation rethink your business model and begin on the journey to disrupting themselves?

This session will show you how to:

  • Implement design thinking into every aspect of your organisation.
  • Align your people with your organisation goals to proceed with innovation.
  • Transform IT to support 1000 times more data created from 1000 more users.
  • Discuss the disrupt or disappear phrase that we are hearing much too often.
  • Adopt the latest technologies and applications to transform your workforce and productivity