Lewis Billinghurst

Head of Digital Ventures
Westpac New Zealand

11:30 AM Customer Journey Analytics and Mapping

1:30 PM We are not Spotify: Self-disruption and Innovation Driving Explosive Customer Experience at Westpac NZ

Westpac New Zealand is in the third year of a radical transformation on the way the Technology group delivers value in the hands of internal and external customers. Key components of this transformation are an agile approach to delivery and the strong relationship with the internal Ventures team, in charge of driving innovation and explosive customer experience. This talk will explore how Westpac created synergy between the internal groups and lessons learned in the process.

This session will show you how to:
  • Implement an agile approach to delivery within your organisation.
  • Drive innovation and boost customer experience with non-startup tools that can achieve the same results.
  • Create balance and synergy between internal staff groups to align innovation goals