Melissa Witheriff

Head of Digital Innovation
Credit Union Australia Limited

2:20 PM How Credit Union Australia is Utilising Collaborative Partnerships to Enable Innovation Across the Organisation

Corporate venturing as completely accelerated the growth of start-ups, innovators and digital organisations. As Corporate venturing is now taking a larger part in the evolving investment landscape including banks, crowd funding, incubators and accelerators, it has become one of the valued instruments in the Open Innovation Funnel. Join this session to discover the importance and value in network effect and strategic return.

This session will show you how to:

  • Build credibility through responsible and consistent investment behavior.
  • Ensure sponsors are in place and actively managing multilevel relationships.
  • Leverage external networks to make the necessary connection to internal stakeholders.
  • Invest in start-ups and enablers of innovation for business growth, increased revenue, and enhances collaboration