Marcus Merchant

Head of Digital
QBE Insurance

8:30 AM Keynote: What is Happening Around the World with Start-ups & Technology and Why Are These Companies Emerging? How to Innovate your Business Model to Take Advantage of Competitive Differentiation

Ever since Google was born in 1998, technology has enabled innovation for the juggernaut and others like it. Google changed the way we access information on the internet just as Airbnb, Uber and Netflix have reinvented the business model traditional infrastructure design. Paving a way for the online business models to shift from innovation through technology to innovation through disruption. In principal:

“Pharmaceutical companies are searching for alternatives to the blockbuster model. Banks are looking for innovative ideas to make up for lost fees and revenues due to new regulations. A drop in advertising revenues and circulation pushes newspapers towards new sources of income. Traditional brick and mortar bookstores are losing out to online competitors that are not encumbered by pricey real estate. Software providers are being threatened by cloud computing.” Partner, Valeocon

This session will show you how to:

  • Create and isolated team to solely focus on innovation without disturbing your core business.
  • Innovate your business model through disruption to get on the path to sustainability.
  • Keep supply and demand in perfect harmony in your business model by adopting a low risk methodology.
  • Get comfortable with uncertainties and unknowns.
  • Restrict resources to enhance cost reduction and free up budget for innovation.
  • Make compliance a part of your culture to avoid unexpected road-blocks with the regulatory radar down the road