Jo Ann Pass

Head of Digital Operations
Sydney Water

2:50 PM How Sydney Water is Driving Culture to Bolster Risk Taking, Agility and Collaboration

As many companies are responding to an increasingly digital market environment by adding roles with a digital focus, the list of “digital” business roles and functions is extensive and growing. Digitally matured companies are setting the benchmark for employee engagement with 75% providing employees with resources to develop their digital acumen, 80% engaging in efforts to improve employee agility & collaboration, and 71% attracting new talent based on their use of digital.

This session will show you how to:

  • Create an effective digital culture to bolster risk taking, agility and collaboration.
  • Invest in your own talent and resources to benefit from success breeding success.
  • Train your staff to have transformative vision, become a forward thinker and ebbed a change oriented mindset rather than enhancing technological skills.
  • Embrace digital congruence (culture, people, structure and tasks aligned with each other, company strategy and the challenges of constantly changing digital landscape).

11:00 AM Culture Connective-ness