Jeremy Balkin

Head of Innovation

8:30 AM Keynote: How HSBC is Implementing AI to Drive Productivity and Improve Performance Results

Artificial Intelligence has been the largest driving forces of digital disruption over the last 2 years in Australia and Worldwide. The widespread adoption of cognitive systems and artificial intelligence across a broad range of industries will drive worldwide revenues from nearly $8 billion in 2016 to more than $47 billion in 2020. HSBC is currently leading the way in AI innovation across the financial services industry. Join this session to hear Jeremy discuss what AI implementation strategies you need to give more attention now. Serving as an advisor for the NYC StartupBootcamp as well, Jeremy prides himself on helping his clients and staff to leverage lean start-up agile principles to drive performance and productivity.

  • Deploying and implementing intelligent systems that learn, adapt and potentially act autonomously.
  • Replacing legacy IT and business processes with cognitive systems, machine learning and AI to provide predictions, recommendations and intelligent assistance.
  • Improving intelligence and user augmentation within your organisation in order to increase user capabilities and improve all processes in your workforces digital work life.
  • Understanding where your data plays a role with your business, users and the solutions you can bring to the market in order to transform into a digital entity.