Hilary Cinis

User Experience Design Group Leader and Principal Designer

0:00 AM STREAM B: Workforce Transformation for Improved ROI

Stream Chair:

8:20 AM Opening Remarks by the Conference Chair

11:00 AM Design Thinking and Human Centred- Design

0:00 AM STREAM B: Investment and Utilisation of Future Thinking & Partnership for Business Model Efficiency

Stream Chair:

4:40 PM Ask the Experts Session

This session will be your chance to hear our expert 4 speaker’s responses to some of the most pressing challenges in the digital disruptive and innovation era. Come with your notepads ready, as these featured speakers explain their top practical strategies for dealing with the following issues.

The following questions will be asked to the 4 speakers:

  1. How can we Integrate Risk Management to Successfully Adjust your Processes, Data, IT, and Analytics?
  2. What are the Roles that are Emerging in the Digital Disruption Era?
  3. What In your Opinion is Emerging on a Scale that has the Potential to Disrupt Everyone?
  4. How Can We Create Medium to Long Term Roadmaps for our Business models?