Franki Chamaki

Founding Director
Red Garage Ventures

3:30 PM How Red Garage Ventures is using Digital Workplaces to Create a Capable Workforce Ready to Adapt to Change

The Coca-Cola Company’s creation of Red Garage Ventures to Drive Internal Digital Disruption Red Garage operates as a venture builder/ start-up studio partnering with The Coca-Cola Company. Their independence is key to moving with speed, keeping lean and building value.
Red Garage conducts the early stage problem exploration, concept development, and business model validation.This session will show you how to:

This session will show you how to:
  • Why innovation inside of an existing corporation is so difficult and how companies can employ the tools and processes successful start-ups use to drive innovation
  • How corporates can innovate leveraging their digital assets and startup thinking to exploit new growth areas
  • Outlining the Red Garage Ventures concept and what to consider when setting up a corporate venture fund
  • Ensuring successful commercialization and acceleration of a startup is about leveraging the “mother ship” not being connected.