27 - 28 March, 2019 | Sydney, Australia

Post-Conference Master Classes: Wednesday, 28 March 2018


8:00 am - 11:00 am How to Use Lean Start-Up Principles to Transform Your Organisation and Remain Ahead of Digital Disruption

Overview: Lean start-up principles are no longer solely for the IT industry or for well, Start-ups. This session will take you through the main strategies, business flow models, and methodologies that companies are using to get ahead of disruption and gain competitive advantage in a market that seems to be constantly innovating. Using lean start up principles, you will begin to create order instead of chaos and provide tools to your organisation that will test and aid your vision. Amy is currently rolling out lean start up methodology across GUD Holdings to ensure they continue to build a sustainable business that measures progress, prioritises work, and transforms ideas into products. Join this session to start your journey on implementing these principles in your organisation or perfect your current initiatives in staying innovative, cutting costs, enabling future thinking, and transforming your lean visions to the rest of your organisation.

  • Learning to eliminate uncertainty
  • Discovering strategies for working smarter not harder
  • Understanding that entrepreneurs are everywhere
  • Rolling out validated learning to test each element of your vision
  • Measuring progress and setting milestones to benchmark internally and with competitors
  • Accelerating your feedback loop to turn ideas into products and capiltalise on the sustainability of your organisation

Learning Outcomes:
  • You will be able to implement start up principles into your business models
  • You will be able to think like a start-up and learn or continue to disrupt yourself
  • You will learn how to use lean, agile and design thinking strategies to remain competitive and keep up with the pace of innovation


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Graphic Facilitation Design Thinking Workshop with Simon Banks

Simon Banks - Director, & Keynote Speaker & Author Visual Funk, A Thousand Little Light Bulbs (AUS)
Overview: Our brain is changing and the way we communicate is changing. Graphic Facilitation and visual communication are more than just ‘attractive images’. It’s a sophisticated tool that puts information in a way that the brain likes. It helps people to communicate, brainstorm, think, evaluate, explore, reach consensus and then move forward at pace. The process of Graphic Facilitation and visual communication assists teams to get clear with their thinking. Participants are engaged and the process of learning is optimised and done at pace. Graphic Facilitation is brilliant to enhance creativity of people and is an essential tool for innovators, designers and disruptors.

  • Mobilising the energy and creativity of groups to quickly bring different perspectives to the exploration
  • Engaging customers, potential customers, and other partners in an open ended exploration of value priorities

Learning Outcomes:
  • You will be able to apply new visual models of business architecture to your current model
  • You will have the ability to map out a roadmap for medium and long term innovation models

  • It’s a really great way to shift your thinking and give new perspectives
  • Solve problems quickly and communicate big picture ideas easily with an audience
  • Improve productivity in meetings and strategy engagements

Simon Banks

Director, & Keynote Speaker & Author
Visual Funk, A Thousand Little Light Bulbs (AUS)