Welcome to Digital Disruption X 2018

"The best conference I have attended for networking and the most unique ideas in innovation and disruption I have heard."            
--Director of Technology, Expedia

The digital era is here to stay as we know it. If companies today are not disrupting, or on a journey to disrupting, they run the risk of becoming obsolete.

With the massive benefits Australia has seen from digital disruption including increased living standards, higher workforce growth, improved efficiency for businesses and government agencies, and new opportunities for innovation, we have also seen companies loosing big by the inability to stay ahead of the game.

As the contributions of digital technologies to the Australian economy is forecasted to be $139 billion by 2020, equating to 7% of Australia’s GDP, this  highlights the significant role technologies such as cloud platforms, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) will play in driving economic growth in Australia.

With this in mind, the 4th Annual Digital Disruption X Summit 2018 will address these challenges and provide delegates with a “how to” roadmap to digital disruption and cutting-edge innovation.

2018 Featured Speakers

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Themes for 2018

Interactive Sessions

Implementing Digital Processes, Procedures and Innovation to Stay Ahead of Digital Disruption (Partnering, Venturing, Incubating, Data Analytics, Thinking like a Start-ups)

Networking Opportunities

Identifying Emerging Technology and Adapting to the Velocity of Change (RPA, AI, IoT, Cloud, Digital Transformation)

ISO Technical Committee

Embedding Digital Culture and Change Management into your Organisation (Human –Centered design, Customer Experience, Agile Workforce, Risk Management

What’s New for 2018

With technology and the digital economy evolving at an accelerating rate, the DDX platform needs to embrace change to ensure that it continues to speak to the biggest challenges facing Australian businesses today. 2018 will witness and fresher perspective with:

90% New Speaker Line-up

100% New Case Studies, Master Classes and Panel Discussions

Moving from big ideas to practical solutions for avoiding disruption and gaining competitive advantage

Streamed sessions in order to tailor content to your pressing problems

20+ Case Studies to give you practical strategies to stay ahead of digital disruption

Interactive Discussion Groups to explore the newest technologies in the digital arena

Learn to use lean start up principles, human centred design, partnering, agile workplace, emerging  technologies and innovative business models to stay ahead of digital disruption.

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