DIW 2017: Disruptive Innovation Week

Technology continues to gain momentum, influencing consumer interactions and expectations and driving significant changes in the way businesses operate and create products.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Microelectromechanical Systems, Biotechnology, Nanomaterials, Terahertz imaging, 3D printing, Advanced energy storage and generation, Quantum computing

These technologies are widely predicted to redefine the world in the next 10 years. But how will these impact businesses in Australia? How will it change the economic landscape? And how can business seize the new opportunities they bring?

DIW 2017 will address these questions by bringing together business leaders from across the country, representing industry incumbents and revolutionary disruptors.

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2017 Featured Speakers

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Why Attend?

Interactive Sessions

Predictions into new technologies and how they will refine the economic landscape

Real Situation Analysis

Creating opportunities for new revenue streams

ISO Technical Committee

Future proofing the businesses and becoming more nimble and responsive to change

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Navigating risk averseness and change resistance: Shifting mindsets and challenging the status quo

Networking Opportunities

The new status quo: Creating a foothold in the new digital economy

What’s New for 2017

With technology and the digital economy evolving at an accelerating rate, the DDX platform needs to embrace change to ensure that it continues to speak to the biggest challenges facing Australian businesses today, 2017 will witness and fresher perspective with:


Hackathon: Collaborative sessions with different sectors, incumbents and disrupters


80% new speaker faculty


Even more international insights


Big ideas speakers and technology prophets


Interactive Group Discussions focused on different business models and strategies for digital innovation: Corporate Innovation Labs, Partnerships, Design Thinking and Agile, New product development and much more


In depth learning through interactive workshops


Awards honouring digital innovators

Sponsors & Exhibitors
Media Partners